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Our modern, systematic process maximizes advertising performance while reducing costs.


Large or small, we custom build ad campaigns to work within your budget.



Our services are guaranteed to produce more value than they cost.

How We Are Different

Avron Marketing is likely the only agency you will find that guarantees results. Fully leveraging the machine learning capabilities of the major advertising platforms enables us to do this.

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Large advertising agencies will set up a small business with a general solution for the business category. They simply are not going to devote a lot of resources to a tiny account. Without customized ads and ongoing campaign optimization, a significant amount of your ad money will be wasted.

Small agencies with limited resources often have to specialize. As a result, the front ends of their campaigns (the ads) are usually better focused. So, if you are a dentist and you pick a small agency that specializes in dentists, you will probably get better results than from a large agency because they will have optimized your ads for your business. However, there will still be wasted ad money because they will not have optimized the back ends of the ad campaigns (the targeting and bidding for ad space) for your business.

At Avron Marketing, we create custom ads and develop optimized ad campaigns based on your business metrics. This enables us to leverage the machine learning capabilities of the ad platforms like Google and Facebook to continually re-optimize advertising performance. The result is minimal waste, lower cost, and maximum performance.

So, did your current agency optimize your ad campaigns? Campaign optimization calculations are based on the profitability of the items advertised in combination with the conversion rates of various prospect interactions (website visits, calls from ads, online quote forms completed, etc.). If they have not asked you for this data, then they cannot have optimized your campaigns.

Is this rocket science? Of course not. We just do for small businesses what large agencies do for their biggest clients.


Our ad campaigns and reporting are based on your business metrics. If your current marketing company is not asking for this information, then they are wasting your money.

Precision Targeting

Advertising that fills your store with customers is of no value if none of them buy anything. Our precision targeting solution minimizes the lookie-loos and low-yield prospects that waste your ad budget.


Precision Calibration

While other marketing agencies develop ad campaigns based on your industry type, we base them on your business metrics. This enables precision bidding calibration. The result is a far a greater return on your advertising investment.

Our Method

Avron utilizes a comprehensive, closed-loop method to increase customer draw and reduce advertising costs. 

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First, lead generation performance metrics are developed for your business. Then your customer classes are analyzed to determine the advertising forms and content that would trigger maximum interest in your products and services. The analysis results are used with the performance metrics to develop precision-targeted, high-yield ad campaigns. Ad content is created and landing pages for the ads are built and added to your website. The ads are then launched, and responses are continually measured and used to re-optimize the ad targeting and landing pages. Performance reports of your advertising investment’s daily, monthly, and cumulative returns are automatically generated and available to you any time online. 


Access up-to-date reports of your advertising costs and results online anytime. You will always know how well your ads are working.

No Guesswork

We don’t guess, we measure. Every day your ad performance is checked and re-optimized.

Our Process

We take the time to learn about your products and services and about your customers. Together, we work out a set of metrics for your business that will be used to develop your ad campaigns and measure their performance.

The Small Business Solution

Small businesses often need a helping hand. They have limited advertising budgets, need quick results, and typically don’t have the in-house capability to develop and manage websites and ad campaigns. This is our specialty. We provide everything you need for one, low monthly fee, no development charges, and a performance guarantee. 

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